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Updating VDA on Remote PC through sccm

Stefan Wendrich1709160263




we are installing and updating our RemotePCs (Windows 10) through sccm. No its time to update from VDA 1903 to 1909. We downloaded VDAWarkstation.exe as separated  download component.


In sccm we create an application and our commandline to run the setup is: 


"VDAWorkstationSetup_1909.exe" /quiet /components VDA /controllers "wi216ctxddc1.haecker-kuechen.de wi216ctxddc2.haecker-kuechen.de" /remotepc /noreboot /enable_remote_assistance /enable_real_time_transport /logpath c:\Windows\Logs\


If i install the VDA to a blank machine, its working fine. But if we do this to upgrade VDA1903 to 1909 the remotepcs needs 2 or 3 reboots within the setup process. The user sees nothing of them, the setup finished with error 1. If i reboot the pc the setup starts again and works some time.


How do you upgrade silently your VDAs and handles the reboots ? 

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