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Workspot vs Citrix comparison

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


I asked this in the Virtual Desktop board already but in case theres someone on this one that might have some thoughts i wanted to throw it out here too...


We use Xendesktop 7.15 in our environment for quite some time now and working well outside of the usual issues and challenges.  75% of our users are in one building right now utilizing linux based thin clients and we also have a larger group that telecommutes from their own homes (and small subset of contract developers over seas right now).  Some big initiatives the company has is video conferencing (currently via Skype but eventually w/Teams whenever that gets optimization for Linux).  We also currently use OKTA for multifactor accross our devices


 Management is asking to evaluate alternate options to ensure that we are using the correct approach to VDI due to some stability issues that we've had.   One that they keep bringing up is Workspot which i know uses Microsofts RDP/ Remote fx technology.  I personally believe we are setup w/ the right solution but i need to do my research to see if there are any immediate show stoppers w/ solutions like Workspot specifically (or Remote fx in general) and hoping everyone can help me.   Below are some of my initial findings so hoping someone can validate if they are correct or not and any other help would be appreciated! thank you very much


Remotefx limitations:

-Poor performance on low bandwidth WAN connections (we have some field users that have pretty slow ISP connections so big concern there if this is true)

-USB webcam redirection (Lan only);  like mentioned above, video conferencing is a big push right now so I believe this would mean anyone telecommuting from their home would not be able to do this corrrect?

-Windows /Mac client only (no linux or HTML5 support);  95% of our clients are linux based currently

-Workspot being a cloud design would involve whatever profile management / image management that they provide (not sure what that entails yet);  they talk about being able to use your on prem resources but I still think it would involve uploading images to their cloud servers which i would think would be pretty time consuming (correct me if i'm wrong there)

-Workspots cloud design w/ local USB scanner possible issue; we have a mail center that scans large amounts of documents every day so i would think even if it can redirect that local scanner there could possibly be performance hits up to a cloud based desktop


thats what i've come up with so far but any other feedback anyone might have would be awesome


thank you!

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