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Is there a way to check the bandwidth and latency?

sam wang1709161204

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A user is keeping complain about the slowness between a vip on the Netscaler(lb) and a real Server in the remote site. 

I tried to ping the real server from NetScaler, there is only 42msec delay, I think it is pretty good.   but the user ask me to show the bandwidth between the vip and real server., I really do not know how to deal with it.

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On 9/28/2019 at 3:56 AM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Right-click on the LB vServer and click Statistics. There should be a list of services. One of the counters is TTFB, which is Time to First Byte.


Thank you very much for your kindly help.    I probably made a mistake.   I just recognized the VIP( 171.x.x.183 ) actually belong to a CS vserser ,  the structure could be like this  "client ----CS vserver".    May I ask if there is any bandwidth monitoring statistics for the CS?  so I can provide it to the client


sh run | grep 171.x.x.183   ---->this is the VIP
add ns ip 171.x.x.183 -type VIP -icmpResponse VSVR_CNTRLD
add cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53 DNS_TCP 171.x.x.183 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 180 -icmpVsrResponse ACTIVE
add cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53 DNS 171.x.x.183 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 120
add ns pbr pbr-171.x.x.183 ALLOW -nextHop 171.x.x.1 -vlan 209 -priority 30 -kernelstate SFAPPLIED61

sh run | grep cs-dns-tcp-53
add cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53 DNS_TCP  171.x.x.183 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 180 -icmpVsrResponse ACTIVE
add cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53-v6 DNS_TCP 2002:xxx:xxx:1::a 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 180
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53 -policyName ra_flag_set -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type RESPONSE
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53 -policyName cs-pol-dns-tcp -targetLBVserver vs-dns-tcp-53-nat -priority 110
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53 -lbvserver vs-dns-tcp-53
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53-v6 -policyName ra_flag_set -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type RESPONSE
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53-v6 -policyName cs-pol-dns-tcp-v6 -targetLBVserver vs-dns-tcp-53-v6-nat -priority 110
bind cs vserver cs-dns-tcp-53-v6 -lbvserver vs-dns-tcp-53-v6

sh run | grep cs-dns-udp-53
add cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53-v6 DNS 2002:xxx:xxx:1::a 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 120
add cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53 DNS  171.x.x.183 53 -stateupdate ENABLED -cltTimeout 120
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53-v6 -policyName ra_flag_set -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type RESPONSE
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53-v6 -policyName cs-pol-dns-udp-v6 -targetLBVserver vs-dns-udp-53-v6-nat -priority 110
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53-v6 -lbvserver vs-dns-udp-53-v6
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53 -policyName ra_flag_set -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type RESPONSE
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53 -policyName cs-pol-dns-udp -targetLBVserver vs-dns-udp-53-nat -priority 110
bind cs vserver cs-dns-udp-53 -lbvserver vs-dns-udp-53



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in the dashboard, top right of the small graphs (which are on left of page) there's a small icon that will pop up a large graph in a new window. In there you can change the chosen counters...  If you select "system entity stats" then you can choose the relevant countes for the desired VServer.

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