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MCS in AWS - S3 bucket creation

Steven Miller1709158406




I understand that MCS needs to be privileged to creat S3 buckets in my VPC when it is used to build machines in AWS.


Before my security ops team will enable this privilege they require some info:


Are the S3 buckets created by MCS temporary? (assuming yes)


Will the S3 bucket names be completely random or will they follow a naming convention?


These aren’t public buckets are they?


i can’t find documentation that has answers to these questions :(


thanks in advance

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Hey Steve,


You will the permissions needed for S3 here.

The S3 buckets created are indeed temporary. They don't last more than a few minutes. The bucket and object are not public.


They will only contain the rpm file below (~30 KB). The file is uploaded from your Citrix Cloud Connector.

C:\Program Files\Citrix\RemoteHCLServer\Service\VolumeWorker\ctxvwd-1.3-1.i386.rpm


Regarding the naming convention. The bucket name will start with "citrix.xendesktop.volume-" 



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