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XP Legacy VM for MSC on ESXi Process/Build list Help

Kenneth Hall1709156198


We have a legacy system that runs on Windows XP VDI 5.6 on ESXI 6.5, 7.15 DDC. Its been working fine but our master image is corrupt. It took forever to figure this out before and notes were not kept which is a real shame.  


We create a VM, attach an ISCSI Adapter to it and then change the hard drive controller over to it. If we change the adapter type to Para Virtual it boots up. We then attach the XPsp3 ISO to it and also attach a floppy drive to it to inject the VMware ISCSI driver to it via .FLP. 

All is well, MCS (7.15) copies it just like it normally (I make sure 5.6 is checked in the legacy options) it creates machines, and then the machines wont boot and throw an asset error and the XP clones wont turn on via MSC or even manually powering them up from Vcenter.


Was curious if anyone has a check list that they used that I could snag? Or a copy of the LSI driver they used to load iSCSI in a virtual environment where that machine will be cloned?   I'd love to make this entire thing go away, but the client software that runs on these is linked to a ton of SCADA controls and the upgrade process is about as slow as you can imagine.


Anyhow I would appreciate any help on this, Maybe im using the wrong driver or I don't have the right settings on the Adapter or disk, example Persistent or Persistent shared exc exc.  We have enough of these machines working to cover us but with demand of this software going up, and the upgrade still 6 months away we have to get this working.


Advise or experience if anyone has any memory of dealing with this would be much appreciated.





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