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Issues with MMC.exe with Server 2019 and Citrix Virtual Apps 1909

Marc Kuhn


Hi guys

is anybody having also issues with the mmc.exe on the DeliveryController with Server 2019 and Citrix Virtual Apps 1909? I had earlier 1906.2 installed which was working just fine. I've updated my Delivery Controllers to 1909 and now i'm not able to open the Group Policy in the Group Management Console and go to the Citrix User Part. The Policy is just closing again. In the EventLog i see that:




Does anybody having the same issues?


Also we tried to install a clean new installation with Server 2019 and 1909 and the Storefront Console is also having issues with the mmc.exe, which is crashing.


Many thanks for your help.


Best regards,


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Hi guys


nobody who has the same issue with new new version 1909 on the DeliveryController/Storefront? We are running both roles on the same server, so two Servers with DeliveryController and Storefront installed on the same machine


I just tried to verify if i update a Dev Environment vom 7.7 to 1909 on a Server 2012 R2 Server, I have the same issue there as well.


Best regards,


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