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Dual UserName format for NetScaler ADC Auth


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Using Netscaler ADC 12.2. Currently our user base uses the AD sAMAccountName attribute to logon but we are starting to use SAAS and for that we use the email address format i.e. the AD user attribute userPrincipalName. Can NetScaler be setup to allow both sAMAccountName and userPrincipleName to be used for LDAP auth on same logon URI?

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What I've done in past is bind more than one LDAP Policy for your GW / AAA on ADC with different priorities, so ADC will start to proceed with lowest priority policy and finish with highest priority policy. 




Prio 10 - LDAP sAMAccountName

Prio 20 - LDAP UPN


If User log on with SAM -> Prio 10 Policy Hits

If User log on with UPN -> Prio 10 Policy Fails, Prio 20 Policy Hits




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