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Citrix Receiver/Workspace Disk Space

Gordon Bell


After installing numerous versions of Citrix Receiver and Citrix Workspace over the past few years on my Windows 10 laptop.  I've noticed that C:\ProgramData\Citrix folder contains over 1GB+ of old Citrix Reciver/Workspace versions.  Just an example...


Citrix Receiver 4.9
Citrix Receiver 4.10
Citrix Receiver 4.12
Citrix Workspace 1809
Citrix Workspace 1810
Citrix Workspace 1812
Citrix Workspace 1902
Citrix Workspace 1905


There doesn't seem to be any way for a "normal user" to know of all this wasted disk space.  Control Panel only shows latest version, Citrix Workspace 1907, as being installed.


What is reason for having all these old software versions accumulate and waste disk space?


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Hi gsbell,


i came across your question after i noticed the same remaining files inside C:\ProgramData\Citrix.

Also i noticed executions of the TrolleyExpress.exe inside ProgramData what were blocked by our Applocker.


Anyway i wanted to know if the Workspace still works after i simply remove all theses folders.

Yes it works BUT you cannot uninstall the Workspace from the appwiz (Control Panel) from now on. The default uninstall calls the TrolleyExpress.exe inside ProgramData.


In my company we use the Workspace on 10k+ Clients and distribute it via a software deployment tool. 

Our script for the installation is simplified this:


If Workspace is installed {

  CitrixWorkspaceApp_newest.exe /uninstall /silent /noreboot (this uninstalls every old version)


  * script runs again after reboot *

} Else {

  CitrixWorkspaceApp_newest.exe /silent /noreboot

  Delete C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Citrix Workspace <last installed version>




So we have only one Workspace Folder inside ProgramData and save a lot of space.


On 9/25/2019 at 10:12 PM, Gordon Bell said:

What is reason for having all these old software versions accumulate and waste disk space?


I think Citrix forgot about these unnecessary files and so they remain on the disk till you reinstall your pc, use the Citrix Cleanup Tool or remove them manually.

I also dont know why they exist at all and what exact purpose they have.





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