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NetScaler Gateway - Small Sizing

Giuseppe Dispinzeri

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Hello together,

I have to deploy an Citrix Netscaler Gateway (without LB and HA).

In the Netscaler VPX Freemium unfortunately the gateway function are not available anymore.

My question is know which kind of Netscaler VPX edition I can use for an enviroment with round about 60 users. Furthermore I want implement an Radius (RSA) for the two factor authentification.

My first idear was to use the normal Citrix Gateway VPX Enterprise (50) to use.

Another question is, if in the Netscaler ADC  edition "Standard" are already included the Gateway function?


Thanks in advance


Kind regards


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Historically, you had 2 options:

1) buy a "Netscaler Gateway VPX" (exactly what you want)

2) buy a "Netscaler VPX Standard Edition" (includes the Netscaler Gateway feature, plus more that you don't really need)


So, Citrix renamed everything to "Citrix Gateway" and "Citrix ADC".... whilst I can find plenty of information about "Citrix ADC", searching "Citrix Gateway" doesn't give me much! (Has Citrix dropped the "Netscaler Gateway" product??)


All I can suggest is that you speak to your friendly Citrix distributor, who can look at their pricelist etc, and tell you what you need.

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