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folder redirection with [ADAttribute:xxxxx] without WEM

Jean-Marc Pigeon1709159760


Hello all, I make some try with wem and the [ADAttribute:xxxxx] for folder redirection and it works.

I try the same thing with GPO (without WEM) and the [ADAttribute:xxx] does not work.

So does someone knows how to use GPO folder redirection with AD attribute ? is it possible. In worse case, how many site can I have in Wem. can I have 13 site en WEM ?


thanks for your question.


jean-marc Pigeon

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On 9/26/2019 at 7:10 AM, James Kindon said:

you can use some environmental variables in native GPO based folder redirection, but WEM is a lot more flexible




no need for multiple sites/config sets to handle different Folder Redirection requirements

thanks James, Yes i saw your webpage before but in fact everything are working with the WEM and ADAttribute. But I was wondering why or how do it works without WEM, only with GPO microsoft. I try to check on google how to activate the USV parameter, my understanding it that the clue of the ADattribute but maybe i'm wrong.

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