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DB Migration XenApp 1903 and PVS 1903 - Same DB Name

Mario Mazalin1709155841




We are planning to migrate our DBs (PVS and XenApp) from a single SQL-Instance to a SQL Failovercluster. Our DB-Admins want to migrate the DBs and keep the instance name and the DB name. 


For the XenApp Site, Monitoring and Logging DBs the connectionsstrings won't change. So all I have to do is to disable the Logging and Monitoring (Set-MonitorConfiguration -DataCollectionEnabled $false; Set-LogSite -State Disabled), migrate the DBs and activate the Logging and Monitoring again? 


What about the PVS Database? The article (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130499) states that I need to shutdown all the target devices and reconfigure with the wizard. Is this necessary? 


Kind regards



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