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Chrome - XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR - Only one application session displayed in Citrix Studio for multiple Chrome instances

Marcin Indycki




Apologies if this has already been asked/answered, however I couldn't find any similar questions on the forums. 


I am trying to deliver Chrome in similar way as Internet Explorer with -noframemerging parameter. Using this parameter with IE allows me to separately track user application sessions in Citrix Studio.



- User has 2 Internet Explorer "applications" available to him via StoreFront. 1st IE app is configured (via Command Line Arguments) to open website "A" & 2nd IE app to open website "B". These are published as separate applications.

- When -noframemerging parameter is used User can start both Internet Explorer instances separately, which will result in two separate sessions for the same User visible in Studio (under application sessions).


When I am trying to do same thing with Chrome - publishing 2 different Chrome "applications" - sessions appear to blend together and I am unable to track them properly.

Example of the behavior I am observing:


- Application Chrome 1 is created that opens website "A"

- Application Chrome 2 is created that opens to website "B"

- User starts Chrome 1, new session is created & visible in Studio

- User starts Chrome 2 (without closing Chrome 1), and no session is visible for Chrome 2. What happens is that new tab is added to already running Chrome 1.

- When both configured with "--New-Window" parameter, starting Chrome 2 opens a new separate window (as designed), however there is still only one session visible in studio under only Chrome 1 (no new sessions appear under Chrome 2), despite the fact user from his perspective started two separate applications via StoreFront.


Chrome is installed on PVS.

Running chrome in Incognito has the same outcome (no more than one session cerated user).


Any suggestions on how this can be addressed are much appreciated.




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