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Client RTT: < 1 ms

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I have checked on Citrix ADM (cloud) that RTT Values for Client and server are always lees 1 ms for all transations logs.

 Web trasactions has been enabled on Analytics.

I believe that informations is not accurate. Are there anything else i need to check or enable?



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Client RTT and Server RTT value being reported as < 1 ms is primarily due to below reasons:

[1] If Client RTT and Server RTT value are actually less than 1 ms. You can check this with doing ping between the hops.

[2] If Netscaler is not able to calculate RTT value. Then, it will send RTT value as 0, which will be reported on ADM GUI. You can cross check with corresponding WebInsight report available on ADM.

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In this case, this looks like ADC is not able to calculate client/server RTT.

I agree this seems to be confusing that if actual client/server RTT is present or ADC is not able to calculate. We need to provide some way to inform user whether RTT was not calculated or RTT is actually 0. Under WebInsight, we do represent as NA (if RTT is not able to calculate), otherwise <1 ms (if RTT is actually < 1 ms). We may have bring similar in detail transaction reporting as well.

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