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No network connectivity when using VPN via plugin, but ok when via web and plugin!

Paul Blitz

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Netscaler 12.1-48.13 (needs an upgrade!)


Netscaler gateway set up at home for a very simple VPN connection, split tunneling, and it works 100% if I connect from an android client, or if I connect via the web page and a Win 10 VPN plugin. However, if I connect just using the plugin, whilst it connects ok, there is no actual network connectivity from the pc via the VPN.


whilst I have 3 different session policies there is no doubt that I'm hitting the correct one: one other is looking for "iPhone" in the useragent string, and the other is bound directly to a different user! The VPN profile has an "ns_true" policy.


It's been like this for ages (before I went to 12.1, I think).... any ideas?


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