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Configuration OTP with NetScaler

Daniel Alcocer

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Hi Carl, good afternoon.


I have a question and I hope you can help me:


I made an OTP configuration in the netscaler, everything was working fine until I found the following:

1.- I enter citrix receiver and ask me for user, password and token.
2.- Enter the applications and I can launch them without problem.
3.- from the receiver client I close a session and fly to start a session, when I do this, I no longer ask for the OTP token just ask me for the user and password.
4.- I have to do a reset to the receiver so that it asks me again.


Do you know if it is possible that only by logging out and starting again ask for the otp token?


Version NS 13.0 

Version XA/XD 7.15 RT 

Version SF 3.14

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