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WEM System optimization

Martijn Kools




We have several users complaining about sessions locking up due to performance problems. When I check I can see the CPUs on these machines running hot, 90-100% usually caused by a bunch of IE or Excel applications. I've installed WEM to make sure these processes get limited but I have the feeling WEM is not aggressive enough.


So our HW config: We have blades with 56 CPUs (2x 14 core + HT).  Each blade is running 8 VMs with 7 vCPUs for each VM and 48 GB RAM. All is running on PVS with cache in RAM and PVS accelerator enabled. We run VDA 1906, WEM 1906 and PVS 1906. Every VM has 13-15 sessions (Full Desktop).


So for WEM I've enabled CPU spikes protection, set it to 14 CPU usage limit (7 cores x 14 = 98% CPU). Is this correct? I've tried to change it to 13 and limit the sample time further but that didn't look like it changed anything. I can see some processes are limited in the Norskale log, but some are using a lot of CPU to my idea as well and they even get above normal or high priority?


Also, for the CPU priority tab I've added ccSvcHst which is a Symantec Framework which is using a lot of CPU sometimes with priority above normal, I want to make this idle for this process so I've added it but nothing happens, the priority remains the same (normal or above normal). I've tested it with other processes like iexplore.exe but it doesn't seem to do anything.


Any tips / suggestions how to improve performance? I could add more hardware for sure, but I have the feeling we have a lot already and there could be some quick wins with better optimization.







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On 9/26/2019 at 1:13 PM, James Kindon said:

1909 now has auto-configuration and calculation for spikes protection - worth the upgrade for that alone


most of the time WEM is only going to action things when it detects stress, its more of a "guarantee the good" than "block the bad" - but your mileage will vary in each environment


Cool, I'll check it out thanks!

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