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MCS Dedicated Source Image on DataStore that is Retiring

Joseph Cutter


Hey everyone, wanted to float a quick question off everyone before I move forward with a new Win10 image rollout (to replace out 500 Win7's). It's probably a very easy question but I need to explain our layout first to correctly ask my question. We have about 500 dedicated MCS Windows 7 desktops. We are running 7.15 CU3 with ESXI/Vsphere as our virtual backbone. We currently have the following datastore setup (examples)


OldVolume1 (VMFS 5)

OldVolume2 (VMFS 5)

NewVolume1 (VMFS 6)

NewVolume2 (VMFS 6)


In Citrix I have already superseded the old Volumes so new machines dont go there. 


I have a Win10 source image that was located on OldVolume1 that I used to generate my new MCS Dedicated machines that are being placed on NewVolume1 and NewVolume2. In hind site I would have wanted this source image to be on the NewVolume1 before I generated it. Once I replace all my Windows 7 VDI desktops I want to retire and remove OldVolume1 and OldVolume2 but did I possibly screw that up by having my source image generated from there? This article states its unsupported for the MCS dedicated images to be moved to new datastores and to pull the old data stores out but it doesn't talk about the source image being captured from the old data stores. Is the old datastore stored somewhere in the metadata of this image and if I remove the old datastore will I eventually come across problems? 


Hopefully I kind of explained my situation enough to get some assistance. I've only issued this image out to about 10 desktops while we are testing right now so worse case I can delete my old image, capture it from the new datastore after vmotioning it and re-issuing new machines to everyone at the end of the test phase.



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I'm in this same boat at the moment.  I have all of my VDIs migrated to the new storage and I have the unchecked (Superseded) storage to a point where I want to remove, but I get a very ominous warning:  "Removing a storage location disables the ability to update and rollback images on the affected virtual machines.  Proceed with the removal only if the storage is terminally broken or is being replaced."  Then it asks if I'm sure I want to remove <datastore name>, which I'm nervous to pull the trigger on yet.  I've created a ticket with Citrix and got pretty much the same answer and they provided me with the same article that you reference.  Personally, I feel this is a huge issue with Citrix.  The way I see it, I'll basically have to recreate my entire MC/DG structure to fully remove the unused storage.


Curious if you have any feedback on what you did to get around this, or did you bite the bullet and recreate everything?



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