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PVS Cache to RAM sweet spot

Stan Svetec



Consider my XenApp 6.5 Session Hosts - 32GB RAM, 4vCPU, 50GB Write Cache.  These hosts sit within a dedicated Cisco HyperFlex cluster, so their access to quick storage isn't really an issue when it comes to the Write Cache.  I use AppV to deliver all of my applications.  Part of my startup script is to add and publish the AppV apps, and also stage their registry courtesy of slightly modifying the script here: http://trentent.blogspot.com/2014/12/appv5-and-measuring-registrystaging.html


My current vDisk has Office 2010 added via AppV.  Even with registry staging, my vDisk cache sits at the default size and doesn't get touched.  For this vDisk, I set the Cache to RAM size @ 6GB.  I have a new vDisk with Office 2013.  After the registry staging has been completed, my vDisk cache can blow out to 10GB.  If I drop the Cache to RAM size to 4GB, the cache is used more.  If I increase it to 16GB, cache is used less, but more RAM is consumed on the server.


Considering the Write Cache sits on reasonable quick storage, do I need to stress much about the size my Cache is growing to?



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