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Citrix XenServer & HPE SY480 Compute Module - Nic Team Issues (Server not reachable - unable to add Server to XenCenter & configure NIC teaming).

Mehal Patel


Hi All


Hope you're doing good.


I'm new to this and could really do with some help on an issue being seen. Below are the solutions active in this design:

   - Servers - HPE Synergy 480 Compute Module

   - Network Switches - Cisco Catalyst 6880-X-LE

   - HyperVisor - Citrix XenServer 7.1 CU2

I'm trying to add XenServer (PG.....P201.PGDS.......) to the XenCenter in order to then configure NIC Teaming. However, when I try to ping the server, the request times out and cannot reach the Server. On OneView, (which is the GUI Tool used to manage Synergy) I get an error saying that there's an error on the downlink port from the Synergy Virtual Connect, to the Synergy 480 Compute Module. 

Not sure how familiar/experienced you are with HPE Synergy & HPE OneView, but this is the resolution message I get to the error seen:

   Resolution - Verify the switch-assisted load-balancing using 802.1AD/LACP based NIC teaming is configured on the server PG51ONVP12_CZJ92909CV, bay 1.


Hoping you can help out here. Thanks. :)




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Don't know anything about your hardware. But you definitely need to start simple and work forward.

When you are adding the server to XenCenter is it a single nic for the management interface?  If not

I would do that first then work on bonding. Definitely could be some configuration causing the





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I've got a smilar issue with XenServer 7.1 CU2 -> I upgraded a server to the latest pachlevel of 7.1 yesterday and suddenly I've lost network-connection. I also have a bond for the 2 NICs; it all worked normally until the latest patch. To be clear; server was behind on patches; so I believe it was the last 7 updates or so.


But whatever I try; an Emergency Network Reset; nothing helps; the result is that I have an unconfigured Management Interface, so the XenServer is not network-accessible. I have a bond that is not connected, the physical interfaces are connected. When using the x-console to reconfigure the network sometimes the 2 physical adapters just disappear from the list, other times I see the physical adapters but when trying to configure a static/dhcp IP on it; it just says Unknown Error.


Any help is appreciated.

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1 minute ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

I've run into this before and perhaps a re-install might be your only option. When you did the emergency network reset did you fall back on just a single network management interface (no bond)?


Thank you for your quick reply Tobias. With the emergency reset I selected the separate adapter (eth0 or eth1) but didn't make a difference.


I'm already preparing a reinstall like you suggested; somehow the Ethernet-interfaces are not showing up at all anymore so seems like the best suggestion.

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