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Cluster Network Dropping When Disabling MBF


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HI All,

2-arm configuration, dedicated ports for management, dmz, cluster and server network. Using PBR’s and port VLAN binding. Losing access to cluster network when disabling MBF. Details below.


This is a 3 node cluster I am about 85% there but struggling with one last piece.

I am configured in a 2-arm configuration. One port dedicated to management, one port dedicated to dmz, one port for cluster backplane traffic and one port for subnet the servers live on (4 ports total).

I have all my VLB and AAA rules working correctly and traffic flowing. Active/Active/Active and Active/Passive, etc  between the clustered nodes is working.

However where I am struggling is the following: I add a default route of the dmz network, and remove the default route of the management network. With the PBR rules and VLAN port binding I created everything keeps working when I disable Mac based routing, EXCEPT the cluster network. Once I disable MBF, I lose access to the cluster network management address. I am forced to recreate the management default route 0 / 0 /

I am sure I am overlooking something very simple here, but I cannot figure how to keep the clustering network online once I disable mbf after the default route pointing to the management subnet gateway is removed. I tried creating a PBR rule for cluster and pointing it to the default gateway of its own subnet (did not work) likewise I tried pointing it to the dmz and the network management gateways as well as a test (from the within the PBR rule).

Any help really appreciated. I would love to get this project wrapped up and I cannot find any documentation indicating anything special required here. So I am at a loss.

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You don't want default gateway to be the MGMT network for sure. What you may want to continue with a PBR for the cluster traffic if you cannot otherwise define a route in the routing table for the cluster network. In 2-arm modes I've found additional routing configs tend to be needed (which MBF of course masks).


What does your MGMT PBR look like and your attempted cluster PBR look like on the nodes?

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