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Looking for P2V documentation for 8.0 since there is no XenConvert.

Seth Hill1709156632


We are looking to P2V some servers and since XenConvert is no longer available we need some documentation on how to do it. Tried using Disk2VHD, but that doesn't allow for shrinking the drive (even when mounting the disk and using Disk Management tools). The server is only using 52GB of a 350GB drive. Our VMs have 150GB drives, which are large enough for 2016 and then some. I haven't been able to find any good documentation on the web.

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Maybe use CloneZilla to make an image and restore it ? Or some type of software like Partition Magic

that will resize your partition. Some of the newer stuff can probably mount the VHD and resize the 

partition. Conversions are the worst. Yes, I would probably use and old version of XenConvert to 

copy from partition to partition. CloneZilla could do that for you as well.  If you can't tell I like






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I made an image of the server with Clonezilla also, but when I I boot the VM with the latest Clonezilla ISO it doesn't see any hard disks (VHDs). At first I thought it was that /dev/XVD* wasn't supported but after searching it looks like that was added some time ago. Maybe I downloaded the wrong Clonezilla ISO? Going to try using PS resizing commands I found and see if that works. Guess I will have to reach out to Clonezilla about the not seeing the virtual drives.

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