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Hosts file on image best practice

Sandy Williams


Hello, what is the best practice on editting a HOSTS file in Windows using App Layering?  I had added some entries to my OS layer but it seems to have been over-written when I have created the image with layers.  


Do I find the layer that did the overwriting and just delete the 'hosts' file itself?  Will it just end of getting overwritten with a blank file since every other layer has a blank hosts file?



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Hi Sandy,


the way layer priority works is that the platform layer is the highest, then all app layers are next where the newest have the highest priority. Then the OS layer is lowest. If you modify the host file in the OS layer but no other layers modifies the host file then the change will still make it to your image. If you modify the OS layer then later modify the host file in another layer the your initial change would be in the  modified host file in the layer. But once you make a change in another layer you can go back to the OS layer to change it again.  So if you want to be sure all your host entries make it to your image add them all in the platform layer 




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