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new 7.x 190# site, domain administrator does not get its local profile, why??

Tom Lyczko


We are starting up a new Citrix 7.x 190# site/farm.

The first XA server was created from a VM template, then added to the XA site/farm.

When I log into this server, x1, as the domain administrator, I no longer get the internal domain.administrator profile and settings, I instead get everything folder redirected to a 'shared/roaming' profile, which we don't want.

I have excluded the domain administrator from all the policies that I know of that could possibly cause this account to use any redirected profile.

What else should I look for or do??

Thank you, Tom

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Our Citrix consultant had enabled this...I disabled it for now.

But when I log in, I get a warning about a temporary profile being used and at least the desktop looks different and other settings I expect to 'see' are not there, therefore I know the true local domain\administrator local profile is either changed or gone...

Do you have any suggestions??

This is completely new to me.

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It took me a few minutes to figure out System -> Advanced Settings -> User Profiles -- but now I think I know what you mean, it's in the properties of the computer more or less. I will try this again and see what happens.

I'll try it all out later today and hopefully update this thread.

Thank you!! :)


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