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No Logon methods are available on this Platform

Bryan Chalfant1709159652

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In our XenDeskop 7.15 LTSR CU4 deployment, we are only able to access Storefront via the web.  Receiver for Windows will not work in the environment because of strict security measures in place.  

The only way users are able to successfully connnect to the Storefront site is via Internet Explorer.  Authentication is set to "Domain pass-through" only.  We are utilizing an F5 for load-balancing and for authenticating users with their Smart Cards.  Smart card authentication is the only option users have for entering the Citrix environment.  All other methods are prohibited.

For some reason, none of the other browsers work at accessing the site.  HTML5 will not work either.  Firefox throws an error pertaining to SSL handshake and will not even prompt for Cert selection.  Chrome browser will allow the user to select their cert and enter their PIN, but when they hit the actual Storefront, it simply bombs out and says "No Logon methods are available on this Platform".  The same can be said for the Edge browser.  It goes through the authentication, but again is stopped at the Storefront page with the same message.

In our Non-Prod environment, i disabled the option to prompt user to "Detect Receiver" because I thought it may be part of the reason why users were not being authenticated into Storefront site.  Even when "Detect Receiver" was an option, the result was the same.  

What are we missing that is not allowing any othe browser to utilize the installed Receiver to access the Storefront site?

I have been trying to find a solution to this issue for several months now, but with no success.  I have read many other users suggestions when coming up against this problem, but none seem to match what we are experiencing or help.


Any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Has no one ever ran into this issue?  I surely cant be the only admin to come across this.  Of course Gov security requirements do lock a lot of things down that most Citrix admins have available to to them.


Can anyone shed some light on this issue?  It is driving me crazy.  Our I.E browser is junk and some users can't even use it, meaning they cant access Storefront at all.

Please, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hi Bryan


i assume this was never resolved?

I've come across the same issue and it appears that Chromium (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome) don't support domain pass-through authentication in the way that StoreFront Receiver for Web implements it using default settings.


I've just come across this and will see if there's any way to get this working.





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