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i have installed a test installation from the actual ADM template and try to configure it like in this article:


(Thanks you for the great article...)

I try to set up the LDAP connection like in my screenshot.
But i get the error that it cannot contact LDAP server. Eighter BaseDN, BindDN, passwort or security type was invalid.
The IP i take is the LoadBalancer IP from SLDAP on my Netscaler.
I create a test user on the root of my domain ssishop.net.
What am I doing wrong?


Is the LDAP connection only if i want to login to my ADM with AD credentials and not local ones?



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Yes, local users use just the local login details.... you always need one of those in case the LDAP fails, and you need to get on to fix the ldap!


The andvantage of using AD credentials is that (a) you're likely to remember your password (b) if an AD user leave the company, you'll remember to delete their AD account, but not the local accounts...

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