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Audio redirection - audio over USB & "normal" audio (cinch) in parallel

Mathias Imboden


Hi there,

I've run into a complex problem for which maybe someone got an idea for a solution.


I'm running the following environment:
- Citrix Virtual Apps 1906.2
- 2 VDAs (version 1906.2.0.22068) built on Windows Server 2019 (version 1809, OS build 17763.737)
- Users connecting from Windows 10 workstations through Citrix Workspace 1907 (version
- Users connecting from Linux workstations through Citrix Receiver for Unix 1903


Ok, so my problem is:


Requirement 1:
Our users use USB headphones (Jabra Pro 9460) which are composite devices (Audio + HID). They must be able to use the headphone buttons on Citrix (take a call, end a call and so on).


Requirement 2:
Our users must be able to additionally connect a normal headphone (for listening to music) through the cinch connector of their devices.


I was able to route the USB headphone (composite device) through generic USB redirection. So now my users can hear the audio through it and use the control buttons of the device. Without generic USB redirection, the device buttons didn't work.


As long as the policy "Audio through Generic USB Redirection" is active, the users can't see the normal headphone (cinch connector) inside the audio settings (even HDX monitor doesn't show any audio devices, only USB devices which are audio capable -> the audio interface of the USB headphone).
If I deactivate the above mentioned policy, the normal headphone shows up as a sound device and plays music but the USB headphone stops working completely.


My Goal:
My goal is to use multiple sound devices (USB headphone and cinch connected headphone) so that the users can switch between the devices, inside their applications.


To get the headphone working through generic USB redirection, I set the following policies in Active Directory Group Policy Management:


Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Citrix Components\Citrix Workspace\


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\USB Device Rules
Value: ALLOW: vid=0B0E pid=1042 # Jabra Pro 9460


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\EnableUSBForceRedirection
Value: Enabled


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\Existing USB Devices
Value: Enabled


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\USB Devices List In Desktop Viewer
Value: Enabled, Hide USB devices that can be connected using other HDX technologies


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\New USB Devices
Value: Enabled


- Remoting client devices\Generic USB Remoting\SplitDevices
Value: Enabled


- User experience\Audio through Generic USB Redirection
Value: Enabled

I set all of these above mentioned policies for our VDAs and for our client Windows workstations (identical settings).


Inside the Citrix Studio application I set the following policies:


- Computer setting - ICA\Multi-Stream Connections\Audio over UDP
Value: Allowed


- User setting - ICA\Audio\Audio over UDP real-time transport
Value: Allowed


- User setting - ICA\Audio\Audio Plug N Play
Value: Allowed


- User setting - ICA\Audio\Audio quality
Value: Medium - optimized for speech


- User setting - ICA\Audio\Client audio redirection
Value: Allowed


- User setting - ICA\Audio\Client microphone redirection
Value: Allowed


- User setting - ICA\USB Devices\Client USB device optimization rules
Value: Mode=00000001 VID=0b0e PID=1042 class=03


- User setting - ICA\USB Devices\Client USB device redirection
Value: Allowed


- Computer setting - ICA\HDX Adaptive Transport
Value: Preferred


- Computer setting - ICA\Multimedia\Multimedia conferencing
Value: Allowed


I set the following keys inside the Windows registry on the VDAs and on the Windows clients:


- HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB\Devices\VID0B0E PID1042
Value Name: AutoRedirect
Value Data: 00000001


- HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB
Value Name: EnableForceRestartForHID
Value Data: 00000001


Additionally I set this registry key on the VDAs too because otherwise the generic USB redirection didn't work when users connected through the Citrix Receiver for LINUX:


Value Name: UsbAudioEnabled
Value Data: 0000001


Well, that's it. ;)

Long story short: I want to be able to use multiple sound devices on the VDAs. Once the USB headset and once the client's integrated sound device. And the userw should be able to select their desired device inside the OS or inside their applications.


The optimal solution would be, that all audio would get optimized and routed through the RAVE channel (maybe even the audio stream of the USB headset) and the users would be able to use the control buttons of the USB headset composite device.
And that they can listen to audio through the USB headset as well as through the cinch connected headset.


I really tried a lot of things but I couldn't find a solution...it's just like I could use only audio through generic USB redirection or through the HDX engine (cinch connected headset)...but not both at the same time.


So maybe someone could help me out?

Thank you very much for reading!

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Split composite policy  would be one possibility,  w/ the downside that the HID generic portion needs to be manually connected to the session.  Still looking for the answer in automating split generic devices.  Ideally with the option to prohibit rules on split generic devices.

Facing similar situation with Powermic II / III.   Nuance Virtual channel works great in optimized mode for the first Hop, but in the world of 2x hops the VC falls short.  



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