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How to prevent crossside Streaming between two Datacenter?

Patrick Missun1709161272




I have a Design Question about Provisioning Server,


Currently i administrate a Citrix 1906 enviroment with 2 Provisioning Server witch are Hardware Devices with Local Storage.

Basend on Redundance reason the Device are split into 2 separete Datacenter.

All my Workers are Virtuell on one big Hyper-V workgroup span over both Datacenter. Worker can migrate between Datacenter in emergency case.


My Question ist: How to Prevent streaming the Golden Image from one PVS Server across "WAN" into the Second Datacenter?


I found out there is a flag on the Golden Image vdisk Properties to choose "Best Affort" but if i see correctly this only based on Subnet Adress.

All my Worker are in the same Subnet as my PVS Server. So this does not help ! ?...


How do you encounter this design question ?


PS: Reply in German also possible

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Thanks for your response !


I'm thinking about your design but in isn't there a Administration Problem with the VDA´s ?

If I choose the way to split the current IP Scope, i need to overthinking every change on the VDA

if there is a Loadbalance Missmatch because I have to add one new Maschine in Scope A an after this the next Maschine is going to Scope B. -Manually


Actually my Virtualisation Layer decide on witch Host (and Emergency Datacenter) the VDA run.

I only add new Maschine via Wizard to the "Host-cluster" not an explizit Host in my Cluster.


And there are VDA's of the Same Use-Case splittet over booth Datacenter.


But maybe I'am thinking to much about it ? Do you choose you "static" assignment witch VDA runs on Datacenter A or B by Design ?

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Thanks for your response,


Your idea is nice but i think with your Setup i would have the same issue because my worker can migrate to the other Datacenter while the wrong PVS streams the Golden Image.

I talk to some Citrix Consultant last week at a Customer Circle and they told me that my kind of question ist hard to answer because the PVS Server to not talk with the Hypervisor about this kind of information.

So i am thinking at my next redesign i migrate to MCS or Maybe build Subnet Scopes for every Datacenter this will be easyer.

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