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Hypervisor 8: efiboot input/output error during setup. Fujitsu RX2540 M5

Andre Becker1709156014




I cannot get hypervisor 8 installed (latest iso from downloads) on the hardware mentioned above. Using IRMC to mount the iso and installing via kvm redirection.


Any ideas on how to fix this? This Message is popping up (on 3 diffrent servers but same model) after asking for supplemental package installation. (around 52% progress)



2019-09-16 14_01_39-Window.png


Update: I disabled UEFI and switched to legacy BIOS. This "fixed" it for me...


Enter Setup and switch to "Advanced":

2019-09-17 11_11_54-JViewer - admin@iRMC-SRV-XEN1 - 0 fps.png


now enable "Launch CSM":


2019-09-17 11_12_31-JViewer - admin@iRMC-SRV-XEN1 - 0 fps.png

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