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XenDesktops show registration status of Unregistered but the event log shows them to be successfully registered

Jason Edelen1709160707


I'm consolidating some XenDesktop VDAs from one set of delivery controllers to another set.  now the problem is that in studio, they all show to be Unregistered.  However, in Citrix Desktop Service Log, they show to have successfully registered with both of my new delivery controllers.  Time is correct.  Domain membership is confirmed.  VDA can reach (ping) the delivery controllers and can also communicate on both ports 80 and 443 with the DC.  I'm at a loss....

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On 9/16/2019 at 4:08 PM, Jason Edelen1709160707 said:

Right after I posted this, I removed the machines from both the delivery group and the machine catalog for the n-th time and re-added them.  This time, they show registered correctly.  Not sure what changed but the problem is resolved.

Was fighting a registration issue, and this ended up putting into a registered state after I tried all else. Thank you jedelen808

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