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WEM Vrs 1906.0.1.1 Microsoft USV Settings - Folder redirection not updating

Craig Avery1709151721


On start of the project DFS was not set up and I was given a server name for a file share eg . \\ZACTX1234.domain.corp\ctxupmusv\%username%\Downloads\


During the project the DFS file share name was provided \\domain.corp\DFS\ctxupmusv\%username%\Downloads\


Although both will point to my downloads and both are accesable , when selecting properties on my downloads folder on some servers it will point to \\ZACTX1234.domain.corp\ctxupmusv\%username%\Downloads\ and on other servers \\domain.corp\DFS\ctxupmusv\%username%\Downloads\ , my problem is why does WEM not update to the correct path specified which is the DFS share.


I have refreshed agent setting , I have pushed the updates through via WEM , yet the old path of \\ZACTX1234.domain.corp remain.


I contacted Citrix support and they stated ," because my my location is the same , the folder will not get updated on the server"


My question is , how do I force every users path to use the DFS share and not the original server name.


Thank you

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By some fluke I came accross this article.




By deleting the two reg entries has solved my problem


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Norskale\Agent Host\UsvMachineConfigurationSettings

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Norskale\Agent Host\UpmConfigurationSettings


Thank you

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