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How to tuning best practice Citrix User profile Management with XenApp 7.15Cu4? I found problem very slow logon as runing profile managment status.




I would like to ask about tuning Citrix Policy (User Profile Management) and VDA 7.15 CU4 to solve problem very slow logon.

I have tested to launch Application  on VDA 7.15CU4 for Windows 2016 before use UPM that it's quite quick to use.  But when I used UPM policy with VDA 7.15 CU4 that it's very slow about 1-5 mins.


the first time to create profile at local that it's ok and after that I logoff session as it save at User Profile Store at some VM.

I found that after launch application the second time that it load User Profile from UPM store and quite very slow logon windows. I found problem both RDP and Citrix Session


Have any method to fix or solve problem about slow windows logon as launch application?   it's running  to spend more time to  process with User Profile Services, User Profile Management and other until logon Window and Application.

Example: Fix Registry, Policy option, Windows Patch or other.. 


Remark: I still don't have install Antivirus, now.







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1 hour ago, Mahima Pearl Fernandes1709157366 said:


HI Mahima,


Thanks for your reply.

I don't have setting about Profile Streaming policy.    Normally, I will set some value to delete local profile after log off from XenApp Server.  I do not sure that's best practice for setting XenApp Server or not.  

For your recommend that I need to enable "Profile Streaming" or not? 

what effect issue to happen after ? I worry to use UPM Policy for our customers but it quite slow to logon user profile.  I found some problem about slow logon and black screen after logon for XenApp 7.15







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Hi Poomz,


Profile Streaming setting enables and disables the Citrix streamed user profiles feature. When enabled, files and folders contained in a profile are fetched from the user store to the local computer only when they are accessed by users after they have logged on. Registry entries and files in the pending area are fetched immediately.

By default, profile streaming is disabled.

I would recommend to enable Profile Streaming policy and test the behaviour.


Also, refer: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX119036




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