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Netscaler HA issue when failing over

Chris Schneider

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I have a pair of virtual netscalers setup in a HA pair running


all my services are green and up 100%, but when I initiate the failover the second netscaler now becomes primary but I have 2 services that go red for my storefront SSL and HTTP.


None of my gateways will come up and no traffic seems to be hitting the netscaler.


I fail back over to the previous netcaler that was working and the symptoms are there too.


I have verified I can telnet to the storefront servers from the Netscalers.


Citrix is at a loss as am I.  I have deleted the instance and recreated multiple times with the same result.


I am told nothing has changed on our companies network side and have verified firewall rules are in place.


has anyone seen something like this before and can point me in a direction?

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When the services are going red. Can you click on them and monitor and see the reason like "Probe time out" , "Not reachable" , TCP SYN sent no response recieved.


Seems like a routing issue. From Primary the route is proper but from Secondary the route is not proper to storefront. May be ARP issue. ( GARP should be detected by upstream router).


When you telnet from Netscaler it always use the NSIP to send the packet. So not a good way to test is telnet -s <src_addr> <destination> ( where -s should be the snip ip).


Feels like a networking routing issue. Check the upstream router after SNIP.

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