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Warning Machine Catalog

Dennis Haschke


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It is only a warning, and if you are happy the Office is correctly licensed it can just be ignored. All it is saying is that MCS tried to rearm Office on the VDA and it failed. 


If you want to get rid of the warning you follow the step listed in CTX above, however while it will remove the warning. The Created VDA will be exactly the same as what you have now.


I wrote a Blog on Image Prep a few years ago, (does not cover warnings as they did not exist at the time) but gives you some more details on Image Prep



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Hi Dennis,


As Paul mentioned above the message is really nothing to worry about more just a warning that one particular step (a minor one too) failed during the update. If you are still wanting to get rid of the message though for a cleaner look can you run the following commands for me and post the results:


from a Studio Powershell window......'get-provserviceconfigurationdata'



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Hey Dennis,

That matches what we have here and seems to be working as expected for us.  

Can you tell me, after setting the Powershell to exclude the Office Rearm did you fully delete the machine catalog that was throwing the error and fully re-created it?


May be worth rebooting your Delivery Controllers (one at a time) too in case the setting has not taken yet. 

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