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Unknown CA in packet capture NetScaler

Mark Brilman

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I have a scenario in which the NetScaler fails an SSL connection to a backend server saying Level=fatal(2), description=unknown CA in packet capture.

When I import the CA chain on the NetScaler. Link them together and bind the Root CA certificate to the service group the issue is gone.

When I unbind the Root CA certificate again I have this error back. The backend does not do client authentication.


I have never bound a Root CA certificate to a Service Group. What am I actually doing? Why is the NetScaler failing the connection when the Root CA certificate is not bound to the Service Group?

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Have you enabled server authentication by any chance ? 





Since the NetScaler appliance performs SSL offload and acceleration on behalf of a web server, the appliance does not usually authenticate the Web server’s certificate. However, you can authenticate the server in deployments that require end-to-end SSL encryption.

In such a situation, the appliance becomes the SSL client, carries out a secure transaction with the SSL server, verifies that a CA whose certificate is bound to the SSL service has signed the server certificate, and checks the validity of the server certificate.

To authenticate the server, you must first enable server authentication and then bind the certificate of the CA that signed the server’s certificate to the SSL service on the NetScaler appliance. When binding the certificate, you must specify the bind as CA option.


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