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How to re-config Session recorder ?

Stephen D. Holder


Hi all,


How can I get back to re-configuring session recorder parameters like SQL  (i.e. the screen shot attached)  without uninstall/ reinstalling?  The CU3 version was on PoC on a tst/dev SQL which is no longer accessible. I've tried Add/Remove to change/adjust the program, but it never comes back to the screen where I need to input the SQL information.


If I have to uninstall/reinstall I will, but just din't know if there was another way (reg hack, something in the session recorder admin console)






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See if this helps.

Caution: Use Registry Editor at your own risk. Be sure to back up the registry before you edit it

Use the following steps to complete the task:


Log on to the Smart Auditor Broker server, and browse to the following registry location:

Set the value to the hostname or IP address of the new SQL server.

Restart the Citrix SmartAuditor Storage Manager Service.

Restart the IIS by running the iisreset command from a command prompt, or restarting the World Wide Web Publishing Service under services.msc. 
If an error is received restarting the Citrix SmartAuditor Storage Manager service, remove the Smart Auditor computer account from the SQL database and then add it back.

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That worked !


We didn't have any data in the system to see how things would carry over,  but for my purposes it went well. Your instructions matched up but did have to double check the paths and windows service names --




Service name: CitrixSsRecStorageManager // Display name: Citrix Session Recording Storage Manager


Perhaps the change in name because you are on CVAD and I'm on LTSR 7.15 ? Who knows, they are always renaming things.


But it did work, thanks!

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