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Citrix cloud / Citrix policies run-a-round

Stephen D. Holder


Greetings all, 


I’ve spent way too much time on Citrix policies. Coming here for help and then will submit a ticket for Citrix support. 


Scenario: Citrix Cloud, workloads and A/D are on prem.


  • Download CVAD1906 and extracted CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi 
  • Installed CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi on a member server (not the domain controller) but a member server which has the GPO module installed. 
  • Went to GPO (on that member server) and created a new Citrix computer policy
  • Expanded the Citrix module 
  • Searched for controllers and added in my FQDN controllers (separated by a space) 
  • Searched and added Enable auto update 
  • Made sure machine object is in appropriate A/D OU 
  • Rebooted target 
  • Logged into target after reboot, went to registry --- entries are not there. 
  • admin cmd gpresult /r shows citrix computer policy being applied. 
  • I completed the same exact process on an existing VDA and a brand new VDA –  DDC polices are not applied. I did this with and without setting in VDA : “Do it later(advance)” –  DDC polices are not applied 


I bounced this issue of another Citrix admin and they suggested I install the admx files...but I think they were talking about receiver...  not CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi – unless I’m missing something? I followed JG’s article  so not sure what I missed, and he doesn't mention anything about admx files regarding CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi 


So then I did the exact same process – and installed the CtrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi on the actual domain controller (not before a snapshot of course). When I went to expand the Citrix folder, I errored out and my MMC crashed.


Not sure what is going on.. It's crazy. Looking for help because I do not want to hardcore each vda ddc in the install. I understand A/D GPOs will override the local VDA, but independent of that, this should be working. 


Where do you install your CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi - domain controller or member server? 

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I'll have to double check the visual studio on the domain controller. But then my question is 'does that really matter?' And maybe it does.. I clearly don't know which is why I'm asking for help. Although my thought process is having a hard time believing that any Citrix customer who wants to manage Citrix A/D polices has to install CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi on a domain controller.


Scouring the Citrix edocs.... and have yet to find where it says  CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi must be installed on a domain controller.


I'm wondering because if it's Citrix cloud there's a difference or if I'm doing something wrong...

Other A/D polices are applying just fine. and admin cmd gpresult /r shows the Citrix AD policy applying to that machine.. so yeah... stuck.



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