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Zoom Video Conference can't find camera

Ken Lee1709160610




We are working on upgrading to XenApp 7.15 and publishing virtual desktop as VDI solution for our clients. We are using Zoom Video Conference as our video conference solution. but we find when we run Zoom in Virtual Desktop, it can't find the camera integration with Laptop. we test Lenovo/Toshiba laptop, both are not working. but it worked in Mac Pro laptop. Is there any root cause for this issue?



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Try this: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360031096531-Getting-Started-with-VDI#h_dd3fcd42-7fa3-46d1-b553-f19b56988dee

Zoom has a HDX plugin for Citrix. You will need to install both the host and client software. This is similar to the Skype HDX plugin. I have tested this successfully on Win 10 LTSC 2019 VDI with workspace 1909




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We ar testing it with Xenapp 1912:


Client Side:

Citrix Workspace app 1912

Zoom Plugin for Citrix 4.6.15322

Server Side:

Zoom VDI 4.6.15322


Everything runs fine if we are using zoom in a published desktop session.

When we try to use Zoom from an published application (f. e. start zoom via outlook appointment) we can't see video's. Not our own and not from other users, but the other users in this zoom meeting will see the video from us and also the light on the webcam is on..

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Here is another oddity.


The sound from the zoom call gets redirected to the local machine as it should, however you cant control the sound with in your published desktop.


You have to minimize your published desktop to get to the local machines sound control adjust it, then get back in citrix.


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