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Android SecureMail Calendar not sync new Items from the device.

Markus Metzger1709156274




we have a problem with the Android Devices. When a User creates a new Calendar Item on the SecureMail App it will not sync to

Exchange. In the other way it works. When a User delete a Calendar Item which is created in Outlook, then the item is deleted on both.

Only new Items on the device are not syncing. Mails, Contacts are fine. On all iOS Devices it works.


Did everyone have a hint what we can do?





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Hello Kausar,


thank You for your reply. This problem apears only on Android Devices. We have tested this on around 10% of all Android Devices. Here is what we already do:


1. Update MDX Apps to 19.9.0-9

2. Update XenMobile Server

3. Remove all MDM Apps on a Testdevice and reenroll.


Last Week i opened a call. This is really strange. I think this must be come with the last Android SecureMail Update.

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