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SSL Logs

Clifford Pinnock

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I set up a new load balancing VIP with SSL enabled and cert uploaded. The vServer and Service Group display up. However, when I get to the site, I receive a 403: Access Denied error. Is there a command against the CLI I can run to display any SSL related errors between the vServer and the backend application server? Any other suggestions? Thank you. 

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if you get 403  this is not a  ssl error. This message is from the webserver. and it is because you don't have permission  

Try to make the same request but directly to the server, do you get 403?


To troubleshoot this i recommend using nstrace, either witj this option " -mode SSLPLAIN "  or with "capsslkeys ENABLED". the last case you will have a file with ssl keys , that you'll need to use in wireshark to see inside ssl traffic.


But if your vip has http services you'l be able to see without these  options what happend between Netscaler and the webserver in the back-end.


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