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Setting up an ECV monitor with a XML return

Nate Erickson

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Hi everyone, looking for a little guidance here as I can't really find any clear answers in the docs...


I'm trying to set up an ECV monitor (either HTTP or TCP).  I've been given a URL with a token in it, and if the site and service are up, the page returns XML.  What I'm thinking is that I need to have the devs make a page that returns as string, as when I do a GET / I don't see the servers being up with trying to use the XML in the response.


The return looks like this (with sensitive data removed)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<id message="Record Found" return="0" ***="*********"> <data targetSite="****" ****="****" skin="*****"/> </id>


I have successfully set up a few HTTP-ECV monitors for other sites, but those all return a string or html body of some sort for the return to look for a pattern to match.


Anyone having luck doing this with an XML return, or does it specifically need to return a string of some sort? 


This is on a SDX/VPX running



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Does the service show why the monitor is failing? It could happen if the HTTP return status code is not 200. If you can't get any detail from the service on why the monitor is failing, try doing a capture between the Netscaler and the backend server.


There's no problem with XML in the response--regular web pages return XML via HTML.

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