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PVS Master Image Preparation

Rakesh Kondabattini


I have a VMware VM built with 2016



1.      MS Windows 2016 Standard (OS build-14393-2969)

2.      VDA VM sizing –Setup 4 cores on 2 sockets all about 8 VCPU’s  and RAM allocation to 32 GB

3.      Dedicated drive setup with X: drive letter for RAM write cache –Page file setup as per the standards with above requirement

4.      The Nic should be  Adapter type- VMXNET3

5.      Removed the floppy drive

6.      Removed any serial or LPT ports

7.      For vSphere, configure the CD-ROM to boot from IDE instead of SATA. SATA comes with VM hardware version. SATA won’t work with PvS

8.      Installed the latest version of VMware Tools

9.      Installed the latest patches for OS 2016 standard server

10.  Disabled NIC hotplug

11.  Disabled IE Enhanced Security Configuration in Server Manager

      12.Added Citrix Administrators group to the local Administrators group on the VDA. Computer Management.

       13.For windows updates-we have Choosen when updates are installed to Semi –Annual Channel


My question is like


What is the page file recommendation’s for the above requirement for PVS master Device  ?


Do i need to setup RAM for O ?


What is the Anti-virus Symantec 14.1  recommendation’s for PVS master device?


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