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MDX Apps deployment on IOS and Android silent mode

John Francis1709160537


I want to update the existing users apps to make them upgrade to the current version. How can I go about doing this without the users having to download it and install it. I have several 1000 users and I want to move them to the latest apps of Secure Mai, Secure Web, Quick Edit etc....


Any document that shows as I went through the Citrix docs but it is confusing. Is there an external doc that shows step by step process and also will there be any issues when we upgrade?


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Hi there,


Because you would like to achieve the 'silent installation' of apps, I suggest that the details at https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX233354 are relevant.


Under all circumstances, an app upgrade means that the new version of the app 'must' be downloaded. There is no way to get around this; the new app binary simply must be delivered to the device. An upgrade is not possible without this happening.


The only thing that can possibly be controlled is whether or not the user of the device will see the prompt to upgrade the app. To hide the prompt, silent installation must be used. The requirements for silent installations is listed at the link provided above.

Best regards,

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