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ICMP traffic to back end node taking management interface

suryakant chavan

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Hi Team, 

We have BGP in NetScaler and learning routes through it for backend server and application traffic as well monitoring traffic taking path through BGP. 


However when we ping the backend server from NetScaler it is taking path through Management interface.  This add confusion while troubleshooting. 


We have PBR configured to only management traffic  through Management interface. 



Can somebody help why ICMP traffic to backend server through management interface and any configuration require to ICMP traffic take path as per route by BGP. 


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than you have your answer.

I guess the bgp is using your management IP.

If you would have been  using some snip ip it would be using the snip ip. You have to check your routing.


For example i have some static routing. And i can see in traceroute then the next hop  is in the same subnet with my SNIP address and not the management ip. This is showing me that it is not using the management ip.


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