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XenDesktop reboots HDI / VDI during login

Mike Oldfield


I'll admit from the start, I don't have a lot of knowledge with Citrix and I've inherited a pre-configured environment. We are running XenDesktop 7.6 connect to an HPE Moonshot 1500 chassis for pooled HDIs. The PVS service provisions these with a Windows 7 image.


Users have a roaming profile defined with Citrix policy that goes to a local file server. We have found in instances where the profile exceeds approx. 400MB, the machines are very slow to log on and what appears to be happening is that after a certain timeout period, Director reboots the machine before the user gets fully logged on.


The workaround we've found is to remove any unneccesary data from the user's profile, sometimes they've got caches or crash dumps stored in their profile which is no fault of their own. Once the profile has been reduced to a more reasonable size, it takes less time to log on and doesn't seem to hit this timeout so the machine doesn't get rebooted.


Now, the profile size & speed issue does need attention but I'm aware there may be all kinds of issues causing that so I'm not really asking for help with that particular issue... but what I'd like some help with is the rebooting issue.


Director doesn't report any connection failure for the user. I can see the user establishing a connection, then it disconnects as if they'd just logged off. The event logs of the Director show a message saying that it has sent a shutdown command to the machine but there are no errors around it. This slow-loading profile seems to be the only consistent thing we can see.


Is anyone aware of any settings within XenDesktop that would cause this behaviour? I'm hoping that I might be able to at least extend the timeout period so that the machine has more time to process the logon. This won't fix the slow loading, but it'll really help us troubleshoot the issue and more so, keep the users a bit happier as they can actually log on rather than being kicked off before they've had a chance to do anything!


Apologies if I've described anything badly or not enough detail... as I say, I'm not really a Citrix guy so chances are, I have no idea what I'm talking about :7_sweat_smile:



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Hi nimraynn,


If your VDI desktops are pooled I would check the reboot on logoff settings for these Delivery Groups first of all. Sounds like as the user actually gets through some of the Windows logon stage its registering as a log-on as far as Citrix is concerned and then with the user getting timed out/kicked off the Delivery Controllers will then issue a reboot command. 


This is a default feature and keeps the VDI desktops clean ready for the next user:




It can be disabled but its not recommended. 

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