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Add new NIC and change VIP of ADC v13.36.27 to public address

Richard Phillips

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Been using Citrix now for about 6 months. Currently all the IPs are internal ones, and we have a simple port forward from our firewall to the VIP on the ADC (which is running in hyperv)


We are now having a new leased line installed, and want to have the ADC directly on the internet itself with its own public IP which I believe is fully supported by Citrix.


What I am struggling with is how to setup a second nic in the ADC (I can do the hyperv stuff, and the ADC does see the nic) and once that's setup, then adjust the VIP to use the new nic and ip.


I cant see any information about it, can anyone help? I do have a support case open but that seems to be going a little slowly.

Many thanks,


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Hi Carl, thanks for the link. I have found your site very useful getting this far. :-)


Its the address that I need to move to a public IP.


As you will see, the ADC VM can see the NIC (I have not yet joined it to the public switch in hyperv). I am just confused as I haven't yet seen (or at least understood) the way of actually setting that as the replacement for the 211 ip address. I am just concerned about what downtime etc this might cause when I start changing things and making sure I am changing the right things in here too.


I hope that makes some kind of sense.










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