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Citrix WorkspaceApp on RDS remove shortcuts on login / logoff

Marc Gemp1709157697




we have installed the new WorkspaceApp 1907 and also the ADMX Files for GPO. Under Self-Service wie have configuered "Manage App Shortcuts" with following Settings: remove apps on logoff and "remove apps on exit"


But if an User get an Application (with AD Group Member) he get the New Application in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. On next day for example we remove the User from the AD Group an the User still see the Application in the Start Menu folder. The Application will not be removed


if I manually log out of the Citrix Workspace app or terminate it, the links are removed. Is there a way that it will be updated at login? Or the possibility that it remove the shortcuts when the Citrix session terminate (logoff)?


SYSTEM: Windows Server 2016 with VDA 1907 an Workspace app 1907

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I have a similar problem.

- disabled self-service

- all applications are displayed correctly in the start menu

- Applications will not be removed from the Start menu even if i hit the refresh button manually through the Workspace app


With the version 4.9 of the citrix receiver, the error does not occur, but I have other problems with the session sharing here.

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Hi. I opened a support ticket about this.

We run Workspace App to populate the Start Menu and turn SelfService to Disabled via GPO.

We observed that when a a user is given access to a published app running locally (vprefer allow all apps) the start menu would not add the app icon until the user right clicked Workspace App and Refresh. Even logging off windows and back on did not add the icon. Further I noticed that when you removed an app from a user the start menu icon was never removed, even with Refresh. Both of the mentioned issues did not occur if you actually logoff or Exit Workspace App.

I got a hotfix build of Workspace App and together with the RefreshMs regkey I now get the start menu icons working correctly and Worksapce App refreshing every 5 mins (or whatever time I set the key to. 

I dont have a hotfix numer but my SR was 79081486

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