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Requiring minimum iOS version for secure Mail except for certain users

David Peterson


We are wanting to require the majority of users to be on at least iOS 12.4 for secure Mail. I know I can do that by setting it as the minimum version in the mdx policy. But, the problem is that at least temporarily we need to exclude a couple of users from this.


how can I set a different mdx profile for those users? I would want it to be seamless for them, not have to reauthorize or set it back up again. Do I create another copy of the secure Mail mdx with a different delivery group? Right now the user would be in All Users.


We are on a Citrix Cloud, MAM only. 

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As you mentioned, you could create a different Delivery Group, that uses a new Active Directory group for your VIPs, and then add new MDX apps/profiles for them to get what you're looking for. CEM does not have an exclusion list for users unfortunately (like their competitors). Do note that you will also need to remove those VIPs from the original Delivery Group. If you're using 'All Users' then you'll have to create two groups to separate everything out. We do this quite a bit to only give certain people certain profiles or apps.


Citrix does have a way to limit policies and apps by Device Properties, but that's really only relevant for MDM devices. MAM-only limits you on which information you have for exclusions.

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