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Netscaler Throughput

Ken Lee1709160610

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We are planning to use Netscaler for our VDI access. we are using trial license for test. I want to know how can I monitor the network throughput so that company can make a right decision which license to purchase, VPX 1000 or VPX200. I install Citrix MAS, it can monitor the netscaler through put, but it check every 5 minute during the hourly report and 1 hour during the daily report. can I setup it up check more frequently so that I can get a accurate report regarding the throughput usage.

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MAS is designed for longer-term monitoring.


For shorter term monitoring, use the "Dashboard" on the netscaler: it updates every 7 seconds, and holds the last 4 or 5 minutes of data (ie it's designed to give you a "live view". Also, if you zoom in using the "Reporting" page, you should also get more granular results.

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