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Having a bit of trouble finding proper procedure for updating the OS Layer.

Terry Cuppett1709159819


If there is one, I need a little help finding a link on how to update my Windows 10 1709 layer to 1903 properly.

I have the latest version of App Layering. (supports 1903). VMWare Horizon 7 with View Composer linked clones.

Do I open the layer and turn on Windows Update and let it run, or do I run it from ISO and tell it to update?

I have removed the App Store and don't plan on putting it back yet and that leaves me wondering if updating is going to reinstall things.


Additionally, I need to update the Default User profile which seems like it is difficult and there is no longer a reliable way to do it with newer versions of Windows 10 with running sysprep with an answer file, which you don't do in App Layering anyway.

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First you need to upgrade to 1908 to get support for Window 10 1903.


Then you add a version to the OS layer and do the upgrade.  I usually just download an iso and attach it to do the upgrade i find it much easier that way.  Dont run the cleanup wizard to remove the windows.old directory we remove that after copying all the scripts when you finalize the layer.  You will want to run ngen after updating.  If you removed Universal apps in your old os layer you will have to do that again they will all come back with the upgrade.  But dont do that in the initial version of the 1903 layer add another version for that.  Also add the newer scripts from the gold image tools here.


When you are using linked clones you dont need to run sysprep.  If you want to modify the default profile you will ave to do that in the platform layer.  You should create a new platform layer anyway after doing this major of an upgrade.  I think most of your layers should be ok after the upgrade but testing is critical and if you have layers with filter drivers those may need redoing but you will see by testing.


Oh and always keep the first version of the upgrade without any changes to fall back on if you need to.  Just like you would with your version 1.0 os layer.


Good Luck!

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