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Looking for Recommendations on Anti Virus for VDAs

Cory Church


We have a multiple server 2008 r2 (xenapp 6.0), server 2012 r2 (xenapp 7.x) and server 2016 (xenapp 7.x) servers in our citrix environment and we are looking to see what is recommended by citrix or what has proven to work for you to protect those VDAs and the users on those VDAs. The same protection would be configured on non VDA virtual machines as well (domain controllers, print servers, etc). 


Is an AV client recommended or a web proxy or both? Ideally looking for something that provides all around good protection, possibly central management and doesn't impact performance.


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Personally a fan of TrendMicro's Deep Security product that provides agentless AV protection.  The footprint of this is pretty much non-existent and you don't have to worry about agent updates, av dictionaries, etc. since the scans occur at the host level.


Less expensive, Sophos offers a similar solution, but it's has some odd caveats.  Aka...vMotions (and other migration tech) can cause unnecessary communication across hosts.  


Other light-weight solutions I've heard good things about were CrowdStrike and Cylance, but I have not POCed them myself.

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